Is Saturn (shani) a Judge


In this week of Shani’s birthday, I am recalling a dream I had in early february soon after saturn entered Capricorn. In the dream, I was in a courtroom merely as an observer. I was seated in the very last row of the corurtroom with my back to the wall. Take note; I was well supported !. In front of me were seated the rest of the audience. In front of them, the defendant, plaintiff and the usual suspects. To my exact opposite, on the far side of the wall facing all of us, was the presiding judge in black robes. Who happened to be a dark skinned male figure. The court proceedings carried on, the judgement was dispensed and the session terminated.

I then found myself outside in the open air, and what do you know, the judge from the courtroom approached me very gently and kneeling down before me, proceeded to demonstrate how I should massage my legs, from the knee down with oil. This was quite strange until I found out the next day, that this is a popular remedy to improve your connection with Saturn!. Well, is this the same saturn who is labeled as stern, restricting, disciplinarian, slow moving and all other not so positive attributes ? I experienced a very gentle, polite, humble, caring and compassionate man concerned about my well being. What could this indicate ? Was I judged for something, passed the test and got rewarded. The reward being presented by Saturn himself. I am sure this will play out in time to come.


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