Solar Eclipse June 2020


The upcoming  Solar eclipse in June is sending waves of fear and anxiety among so many people. We will have six eclipses this year, but we usually have five or six anyway right. So why is this any different. Yes the pandemic has caused havoc and stirred the pot of anger and frustration which has manifested in protests and mass destruction. But really, we have been through all this before, at least our ancestors  did. They have been through unconquerable things(at the time) like polio, Spanish flu etc. and they survived.  They found solutions to problems and worked it out.  Just as we will. If the population calms down and keeps their anger in check, we can all be more co-operative and productive. Look to the past to evaluate how far we have come. Civilization has advanced rapidly as we approach space travel never attempted before.

                   Eclipses sometimes come with a fair share of devastation, similar to those caused by the regular cycle of nature. Perhaps the eclipse that occurred in December 2019 has evoked dread due to its signaling of the start of the pandemic. Having witnessed the total solar eclipse, I can assure you that not all eclipses need to be anticipated as doom and gloom situations. In 2017, I seized the opportunity that was being offered to witness a rare sighting of the total solar eclipse and it was a lot of fun. In Charleston NC a bunch of us gathered on the rooftop of a hotel, and saw the magic event happening live, there was total darkness in the afternoon when the sun was eclipsed for a few moments. The silence among the 300 odd people during this magnificent moment bespoke of awe and admiration.

  I know it must be hard to ignore the hue and cry being made by the media and other folks looking for your attention. My advice is to stay indoors if you must, engage yourself in something that uplifts you and brings joy. Focusing your attention and energy on something else, will keep you centered and grounded.  Let nature happen and take its course. It will soon be over.