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Color in Precognitive dreams


I mentioned in my Precognitive dream video, how color can give you a clue of what is to come. I reference a dream that I had, where the color green kept repeating itself on a regular basis for several weeks. Although the size of the object kept increasing with time, the color and shade of green remained constant. I describe in the video, how I noted in my dream journal, the exact shape and shade since I had a good feeling this was going to come true. It came in the form of an impromptu visit to the tea gardens in the South of India, a city called Conoor.   Here are the pictures to give you a visual of what my dream had foretold me.   ” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>http://
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Tarot in Adversity


In adverse times such as the present, is it advisable to do a reading. Most people are facing a crisis physical,emotional,mental etc. How will this play out in the spreads or messages that you receive as a reader? Since energy is so important in a reading, it poses the question whether negative thoughts will influence the readng. When the overall energy is so gloomy, things around you, people around you and your environment almost seems like an Apocolypse, what can be done. Even if you turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to news and media it somehow seeps in. Whether you like it or not, thoughts swirl around the number of deaths, suicides, starvation, homelessness, abandonment and so many other issues. Yes, you can do your meditations and cleansing and sageing etc. but can you be in the right frame of mind to transmute without being influenced by all this negativity. And not be impacted so you can provide an honest regular reading as you would in normal times.

Here is my take on this subject. I was recently (just before covid) doing readings at a psychic fair, one on one, face to face. This was during a time I was undergoing a crisis where my whole life had turned upside down. I was starting to recover, even while still undergoing treatment so I could actually physically travel. Being in a very weakened state, I was actually doubting my capacity to perform at such a large event. Let alone being able to connect with the right spirits to bring in valid information. But I knew my repeat clients would be sorely disappointed if I canceled, so I persevered. I received the same extensive list of clients that I normally do. And what do you know! I was able to give such profound, insightful readings that the clients were overwhelmed. While I am used to seeing a few tears and emotional reactions, I was blown away by the deep sobbing mixed with joy and relief at hearing what they needed to from their loved ones. I was rather surprised that my physically and emotionally weakened state did not hamper or reflect the readings in any negative way. I have yet to compare this with what happens next time so I can gain more insight on this matter. For now, I don’t see current conditions necessarily influencing readings negatively which is good news right?